My History | It all started one morning, a few years ago…

Inexplicably, bruises appeared all over my body and I thought of accidental causes and I didn’t care, but instead of disappearing they multiplied.

I started to worry but decided to put my health aside to attend to issues that required my immediate attention such as my divorce, daughters and work, with the strength and energy of being 24 years old and a whole life ahead of me.

At my next checkup I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura or ITP.

This chronic disease is rare and affects 3 out of 100,000 people. The diagnosis made me realize “my new reality”. I have always been an ingenious person, who found the answer to any problem; but for this new problem I could not find answers. First time was only pray to God to show up the nearest help. For a while I tried steroid, immunoglobulin, and chemotherapy treatments.

With these conventional techniques, the bruises did not disappear, but I also saw my face and body swollen and overweight. I have to admit that this disease affected not only my life but also the life of my family. I was physically and emotionally sick and also fearful, with no control over the disease about to give up. Only my daughter’s restlessness and her shocking question “Mother you are going to die” shook my soul. I made a promise to her that I still remember: “Child, I swear that I will not die; I will fight this evil with all the power of God and I will live to see you grow ”…

That night in my home, I begged God for His divine help to keep my promise. The next morning, God answered my prayer, activating memories of my childhood passion for healing plants. I returned to my childhood when my grandmother, in her small garden that had various plants, taught me about the surative properties of plants. My old hobby was now a full-time mission, going back to reading books about plants, but just reading was insufficient and slow. To get a direct experience with nature, I made the decision to go to Caripe for a while this is a beautiful town in Monagas-Venezuela, far from comfort. There I educated myself with people who only consumed their organic products. In an atmosphere of calm and purity I finally knew, that was the way to my healing. I asked farmers in the area, to understand the ancient knowledge of the benefits of medicinal plants. I observed the behavior of birds and animals, their consumption of plants and seeds for the recovery of diseases. Test after test, I achieved a mixture of plants that I believed would purify my body, and so I designed my first “Infusion of healing plants”. I combined it with conventional medicine and steroid use, and with the glory of God, I started to lose weight. In that town, met teachers who taught me ancient techniques of health, Chinese medicine and holistics, and when everything was going well, another misfortune occurred when I accidentally slipped and fractured my spine, without being able to operate due to lack of resources. I met teachers who taught me ancient techniques of health, Chinese medicine and holistics, and when everything was going well, another misfortune occurred when I accidentally slipped and fractured my spine, without being able to operate due to lack of resources. This fracture kept me in bed for a year, unable to move. In the past I would have cried non-stop, but this time there was no crying or feelings of helplessness. I had become stronger, physically and emotionally, because I now had faith that God would continue to guide me to my improvement. So I resumed my research on the effects of plants and now with more enthusiasm despite being in bed without being able to move. I read more books on botany and expanded my studies on food, protein, and vegetables. After many readings, I formulated a healthy diet that helped me in many ways, but it was not enough. I had to focus even more on looking for a plant-based anti-inflammatory blend. When I had enough confidence in this new blend of anti-inflammatory infusion of medicinal plants, I started using it with my first infusion. At this time, the healing herbal teas combined only consisted of three levels: Detoxification, anti-inflammatory and hydration.

In a new medical checkup, the doctor noticed certain improvements in my body. In a short time I started to feel less and less pain. Over the next five months I alternated infusions from healing plants with eating organic food every two hours and I lost about 13 pounds. I was able to get out of bed and walk slowly. My spine still had some pain but thanks to the anti-inflammatory infusion it was more tolerable. Thanks to my father and his efforts, I obtained the resources for the surgical intervention, successfully recovering from the fracture. Soon I was walking without pain and traveled to Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, Argentina and the Amazon jungle, among other places. I met masters who taught me ancient health, Chinese medicine and holistic techniques. I collected data for my research, at the same time my health improved every day.

Just drinking my herbal teas and eating organic food, I felt better and better. I gradually stopped using steroids and at my next visit, my doctor was surprised and said, “You are a new person.” With excitement I related to my friends the good news and the effects of combined herbal teas. Everyone wanted to try them, being so excited about their own results that the news spread through word of mouth. After the positive results in my body and that of others, I decided to start. So I began to prepare my infusions of healing plants with healthy organic foods, in a place that I rented and conditioned for it.

To my surprise, the business was a complete success. That would be the beginning of what is now the ETOLIX Corporation. It’s hard to believe that some plants can change your life, but the facts speak for themselves: Like me and many others are living proof of this. In these years we have studied different mixtures of plants to make more efficient and effective infusions.

Our evolution can be seen in the improvement of our first products, such as my latest FATBURNER infusion of healing plants, designed to reduce fat and cleanse the liver. Now we have 5 different healing plant infusion products that bring benefits to your life by detoxifying: Liver, kidney, colon, and improving the condition of the skin.

I want to thank God for this great experience, and you for reading my story of life, struggle and healing.