Etolix HYDROLYTE is a special blend of natural plants, roots and algae, specially formulated to take care the bacterial flora, eliminate toxins and stimulate cleansing of the organism. Etolix HYDROLYTE is enriched with vitamins and minerals to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our product provides you hydration and energy for daly basis.

Using HYDROLYTE helps to:
– Keep your body hydrated during the day.
– Maintain a healthy urinary system thanks to its vegetable components, vitamins, and minerals.
– Improve skin appearance thanks to vitamins A and C.
– Detoxify the kidneys.
Importance in the gym:
-It is a fundamental product to add to your exercise routine, it keeps your body hydrated and it is an excellent source of energy.
– Provides the necessary hydration your body needs during or after training.

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